Delta Gran Espresso Koffie Bonen 1KG

17,99 EUR

!!!Prijs is inclusief levering in Assen en BTW!!! ( Voor andere locaties in Nederland verzendkosten bedragen € 5. per bestelling tot 10 kg)

Levering: 2-3 werkdagen
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DELTA Gran Espresso The Portuguese bland DELTA Gran Espresso is the result of rigorous selection and a combination of the best coffee beans from our ex colonies and a combination of the best Arabica and Robusta coffee regions, we can offer you the purity of a coffee with body and strength, excellent aroma and a smooth lasting taste of mature fruit. The magic of a great coffee, ready to enjoy at any moment and for all occasions. 1......6 Aroma4 Body4 Acidity3 Balance4 AVAILABLE IN Bean - 1kg